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JAM - Just Among Moms

God created women to have a voice as well.  But through the years, women have been down graded to just subjects.  We as women are not inferior beings and God didn't create us that way.  As women, we have been through so much in life and have had so many challenges to deal with.  Through this bible study, you will learn the Word of God on how to deal with pain and sorrow, different struggles, raising children, married life, single life, and so on.

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The Destiny Woman

The Destiny Woman is a program for women that have been incarcerated to help unlock their potential and discover their desires within. Our vision is to help women who have a strong desire to rise up out of their situations that are keeping them in bondage and to live a victorious life God destined for them.

The Destiny Woman empowers women to live a victorious life in God; to instruct women out of the treasure of God's word; to encourage women to grow in their faith and love; and to inspire women to follow God's plan for their life.  This ministry offers community focused and educationally centered resources for health and wellness, finances, careers, entrepreneurship, and education to empower women to become what God created them to be.


For more information, please contact Pastor Angela at

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